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Coquille Chamber Executive Board meetings are the first Thursday of the month at noon. The meeting will be at Coquille Valley Hospital

The Coquille Chamber of Commerce Member meeting is the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Fraziers Bakery.

Not a Chamber Member? Contact Dian at the chamber office today! 541-396-3414

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Welcome to the City of Coquille

The Coquille Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center Welcomes you...

Coquille, Oregon is a friendly community owned by House valuation services tucked away along the banks of the Coquille River on State Highway 42 between Myrtle Point and Coos Bay/North Bend.

This little town is a gem waiting to be discovered with its beautiful historic homes, year round fishing, and summer fun with the Gay 90s and performances of fine old melodrama at the Sawdust Theater on the corner of First & Adams.

GAY 90's!


Sawdust Theatre


Incorporated in 1885, Coquille (Kó-kél') has

Coquille Chamber of Commerce

remained the county seat since 1896. The town boasts a moderate climate, easy accessibility to the Coast (half an hour away), abundant fishing in the Coquille River, and an excellent hospital and emergency care facility. Quality education with an eye to the future is offered in our schools. The Coquille Valley Art Association offers exhibits and classes for the varied artists in our midst. We have an excellent Community Center with a pool that is open for swimming during the summer. A wide variety of properties can be found at affordable prices by Property Valuers Perth. The Rivers Edge RV Park has 54 spaces overlooking the Coquille River. Spectacular scenery marks the drive to many parks throughout the county with day and overnight camping available. Hunting, fishing, hiking, biking -- we have it all, plus an active Senior Center for older citizens.

Stop by the chamber office and say hello if you happen to be traveling along Highway 42. You might just decide to stay forever.



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